Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Ernest Hemingway

Today is the birthday of Ernest Hemingway 1899-1961.

Papa Hemingway At Work

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I have discovered a major problem in my attempts at (honest) fiction writing: having characters perform according to what I KNOW is how they would do so because of their temperament, as opposed to how I want them to perform. It's a real problem and an item of concern for me, this deliberate skewing of a story from (my perception of) reality merely for dramatic effect.

Perhaps I am too old to write acceptably presented modern fiction.

But Cormac McCarthy published The Road when he was in his seventies, as am I, so why should I not continue writing my novel? As I wish to write it. I have a great deal to say to an open-minded intelligent reader and if I do not say it (in print) then I am surely remiss in my duty to myself and to my abilities.

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I found an online Bibliography that has proven to be worthwhile in my seemingly never-ending search for new and interesting books to read. I can use this site to easily view the description of a book and then go to my favorite vendor to buy it.

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A humorous interlude:

Mel Gibson meets the South Park gang in a short video cartoon.

Toodles . . .

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