Friday, July 23, 2010

Ramblin' On . . .

To my regret, I foolishly allowed myself to watch one of yesterday's TV News half-hours.

Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News, while reporting on some Hillary Clinton story, described something as being, "...very unique". The word unique means 'one of a kind'. And the educated Mr.Williams surely knows better, knows how stupid it would sound to say, "...very one-of-a-kind".

But, there I go again.

I often chide myself for my penchant for micro-editing. Who am I to find fault with the speech or the writings of others? But I do so constantly.

For example:

When I read an information piece reporting that Vikram Chandra supposedly said (or perhaps wrote), "I think it's very true when you're a writer and you sometimes you have to spend time poking at part of yourself that normal, sane people leave alone."

Something struck a sour note. I didn't at first know what it was. Then I re-read the sentence, and found a mistake in the text: "...and you sometimes you..."

See what I mean? I would be much happier (in blissful ignorance) if I had just let it pass instead of dwelling on some copy editor's negligence.

But... nooooo. Not me. Not Mister Perfection.

. . .

Mike pointed me to a link for an article titled French Scientists Crack Secrets Of Mona Lisa . It is an AP news article that art enthusiasts might like to read.

. . .

During my fitness walk I snapped some pictures. Below are four of them.


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .

I composed a tentative opening sentence for my novel: While a child Micah Malachi Mitchell secretly consumed earthworms and Box Elder bugs.

The sentence pleases me.

At this moment in time.

Will it eventually evolve?

Who knows?


  1. Regarding the Vikram Chandra quotation: How true is very true?

    Regarding your novel's first sentence: She passes the I want to read more test.

    Regarding Brian Williams: He's a man with a quick and witty sense of humor. Have you ever seen him interviewed by another journalist?

    Regarding my ghost writing project: Michelle won't allow my subject to pay me more than a pittance. How shall I proceed? Might you help me with an idea for an opening sentence?


  2. The word 'very' should be expunged from every serious writer's vocabulary.

    Yes, I've seen Brian Williams interviewed. I wonder if his use of the words 'very unique' was a slip or something more sinister.

    Sorry... you will have to compose your own first sentence for your upcoming project.