Monday, July 19, 2010

Shelves Of Bric-A-Brac

My latest foray to Circle K was essayed in the middle of a one-hundred-plus degree F. afternoon. That was yesterday. Here in Tucson, AZ. And it was a most enjoyable walk, as hard as that might be for you (the reader) to believe.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

. . .

Here is a Youtube video that puzzled me. It's ostensibly about what to teach your baby.

But it was presented by an organization named: The Thinking Atheist.

Go figure . . .

And some atheist also has posted a site featuring 15 sexy scientists (with pictures, of course) which can be viewed here ...Oh, you crafty atheists, you.

. . .

A self-described occasional reader of this blog complained that the content was too unfocused, too down-home and laid back in style, and that I would have many more readers if I would write of serious and contemporary matters. And that if I gained readership I could then add Google advertising on the page and earn some cash.

That is probably true, and I suppose that I should consider it.

But if I were to write of contemporary happenings, then I would be merely a part of the plodding herd. One of the milling throng.

Wouldn't I?

I would like to make my life an

Conformity. Now, let me see . . .

(I'm thinking about it)

. . .

Yesterday, on CBS News This Morning I saw a piece featuring --

Deep Fat-Fried Butter

When I googled that intriguing concept, I found some astounding food-for-thought.

. . .

I have been musing on the possibility of letting my whiskers grow. Shaving is such a boring chore each (or every second or third) morning. I wonder why technology has not developed a harmless no-side-effects depilatory for men's facial hair.

How would I look wearing a beard? Maybe I could also just let the hair on my head grow naturally, without periodic trimming. It's something to think about.

. . .

The Kim Komando Radio Show is one I try not to miss on Sundays. Yes, I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. It seems that every show teaches me something about technology and adds to my knowledge of new electronics and modern communication products.

Digital Goddess

You can find some useful FREE downloads at her site and they are all Kim tested and approved.

Later . . .


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  1. Dear Gene,

    I find that most contemporary matters are not serious at all, in that they are contemporary. I'd rather read your open book while considering how you might look wearing a beard. Those kinds of subjects, and more, led me here today and will lead me back tomorrow.