Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To . . .


I am told that today is the birthday of one of my favorite authors. His name is Cormac McCarthy. If you are unfamiliar with the man you can read about him at The website of the Cormac McCarthy Society

Cormac McCarthy

McCarthy has published 10 books --

* The Orchard Keeper (1965)
* Outer Dark (1968)
* Child of God (1974)
* Suttree (1979)
* Blood Meridian, Or the Evening Redness in the West (1985)
* All the Pretty Horses (1992)
* The Crossing (1994)
* Cities of the Plain (1998)
* No Country for Old Men (2005)
* The Road (2006)

I have read all ten, some of them multiple times, and liked them all. One of them, Suttree, draws me back to it for some reason. Don't know why.

Here is the link again --

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