Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Couple Of Things...

Yesterday we went to take a look at a local Farmer's Market -- I bought a tomato advertised as:

tomatoes that taste like tomatoes

And I almost bought a homemade brownie (with a $2 price tag) but then had second thoughts and did not.

. . .

What is a douche bag? Or is that douchebag? Which prompts me to ask:

Did you ever contemplate what it's really like to be a copy editor?

An opinion piece from The Awl purportedly answers that last question.

And Mentions Patrick Stewart's Right Hand

Copy editing? I think not.
. .

Watched The Age Of Stupid -- a full-length feature film chronicling the results of global warming. In my somewhat biased opinion it is mainly a political propaganda piece, speculative and blatantly aimed at arousing emotions instead of being scientific or fact-based. Most of it made me suspect that I was being manipulated by marketing experts. But as I often note, I could be wrong.

And I must admit that I did not (could not) watch the entire thing.

If you would like to view this controversial movie and form your own opinion as to its value, you can do so (until 5 P.M. Pacific Time this coming Thursday) at which time it will no longer be offered at this site free of charge.

. . .

On this lazy Sunday morning Eva is sleeping soundly on the carpet in the front parlor. She's such a smart canine.

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