Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can't Think Of A Title

A comment regarding yesterday's blog entry has me in a quandary of indecision. I must think about it some more before attempting a reasoned reply.

. . .

Meanwhile --

My favorite movie of all time is The Silence Of The Lambs and that is probably because the book by Thomas Harris of the same title is my favorite fiction book of all time. And also because Jodie Foster was superb as Clarice Starling while Anthony Hopkins lives within and haunts my imagination as Hannibal Lector, the unapologetic cannibal being the overwhelming epitome of human reality.

My second most favorite movie of all time is Good Will Hunting.

Another movie, Solaris, bored the dickens out of me.

And all three of those bits of trivia, to an observant and perceptive reader, should reveal some truths never before publicly admitted, by me, about myself.

. . .

If I were to win millions in the lottery, I would wish for my bodyguards to be: Warf and Kern, sons of Mogh . Well, wouldn't you?

. . .

Oh what's the use. I cannot concentrate on today's entry. I must think about justifying (or explaining) some of the stuff I wrote yesterday: semi-valid, emotions, etc.

More tomorrow.

Patience is a solid characteristic of the domestic canine... except at mealtime.
--Gene Chambers

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