Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Day Of Rest?

This morning I watched the Sunday news show titled This Week and listened closely to the interview with Vice President Joe Biden. Aside from mentioning that trivial fact, I have nothing more to say about it.

But . . .

In my Notes For Future Reference file, I wrote:


Favorite sound bites of the liar--

The truth of the matters is;
That's not what I said;
But that's not the relevant question;

and, of course:

Let me make this perfectly clear.

Ha! . . .

One of the basic precepts of Doctor Gregory House is: "Everybody lies."

. . .

Yesterday evening a light storm appeared over the Santa Catalina mountains and slowly drifted in our direction. But it did not make it to the door, moving instead off to the west.

. . .

My earlier promise to myself that I would set aside a time for working on my novel and write some portion of it each day has not been kept. So much for promises made to one's self.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.


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